Finding items that k-pop stars use

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anddiscover asked: im here at your blog because of this earphones i want to get. Are the Shure SE315's good? or am i asking the wrong person??

They are good, but it depends on what kind of sound you are looking for. The more drivers an earphone has, the clearer the sound of the voice and music. But if you are looking for heavy bass, these are not for that. This is good for crisp, clear sounds. Hope that helps.

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This is the worst picture ever (You can see Victoria fully though), but I met Amber from f(x) this past Tuesday! Sorry you can’t see her face, but this was the best my friend could do without being too creepy ~_~

I’m volunteering at SXSW, and I’m doing registration/wristbands. All the performers have to come through here to get their artist wristbands and loading passes..I just so happened to have some friends who pretty much forced f(x) to be in my booth…ehehehe. Luckily I got Amber to check in!

She was totally nice and understanding of my fan girling, and even said that she loved it! I didn’t really talk to the other girls, because I totally had AMBER VISION e___e.

At first, I didn’t say anything but “Hi!” To her because I was nervous as FUCK. After a while I was finally like “So, you’re playing tonight?” And she replied “Yes! At 1:30!” After that I pretty much lost my cool and giddily responded like “Welll…imtotallygoingtoit!!!” And she was all like “Really?! Are you gonna scream? Scream as loud as you can?!?” And I was like “YES, I’m screaming internally right now!!” And she was like “GOOD”

I turned around to get her wristband and the distributor was like “So…I take it you know them..” And I was like “YES” and danced a little..then I fucking turned around and wanted to kill myself because I realized she was still-fucking-there-DUH. She just kinda laughed at me, and then I apologized (as I did several times throughout) for being a fan girl. She kept reassuring me that it was fine, and how she loves it. She then asked me what the fan base was like here, and I told her uhhhhh A LOT of your fans are here! But then she was kinda like, “and the venue we’re playing at, it’s small.” And I was like, yes, it’s pretty small :(. I thought it was so cute that she was trying to gauge what the fans/turn out would be! After I finished checking her, I told her bye and she was like “Bye! See you tonight!”


Holy shit. I cannot believe this happened.

P.S. We have to put their wristbands on, so I totally touched her!!! HER SKIN WAS FlAWLESS AND SOFT. She also had tiny wrists which I commented on…eheheh

you touched her im jealous

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